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Mesa Grande Gate Tag Distribution 
During the next few weeks you will see work at the Sable Canyon entrance preparing for installation of the new vehicle gates.  At times each side will be closed to traffic and a patrol officer will be posted to help guide and control traffic. Please use  extra caution when entering and exiting the community.

Until the new gates are operating the gates will be locked open and there will be extra security patrol posted to monitor the entrance.

In early January the new gates at Sable Canyon will be operational.  For access you will need the new Windshield Tag which will be available to all residents beginning December 13.  Your keypad code will not change and the code for guests and vendors will continue to change monthly.

Each household will be given a minimum of two tags at no charge and up to a total of four tags with proof of ownership of four active key fobs. Additional tags can be purchased for $35 each with a check or money order payable to Mesa Grande HOA.  If you prefer a license plate tag, please speak with the volunteer at the distribution site.

To make the distribution efficient  please bring the completed Mesa Grande Car Tag Form when you pick up the access tag.  The form can be printed here:  MG Gate Access Form.   Instructions to install windshield tags can be found here: Windshield Tag Installation Instructions; both will also be available at the clubhouse during the distribution dates. 

If you are a tenant, you will be required to bring a copy of your lease in order to receive a sticker.

Mesa Grande residents can pick up tags at the Mesa Grande HOA Clubhouse:

•    Tuesday, December 13th    3 pm – 7 pm
•    Wednesday, December 14th    3 pm – 7 pm
•    Thursday, December 15th     3pm  – 7 pm
•    Friday, December 16th    3pm – 7pm

Need to Know: 

•    The code for the pedestrian gates is posted in the “Residents” section of the MG website under “Gates”
•    You do not turn in your remote devices
•    TX Toll Tags will can be used to open the gates; you will need to register the tag number with a volunteer during the tag distribution event 
•    Access tags will work at both the MG and EC gates

If not picked up during these times you will need to contact Lifetime HOA Management at 210-504-8484 or

For additional information, please visit the Community FAQ page of the MGHOA website in the Residents section.
Upcoming Events
  • December 13, 2022 thru December 16, 2022 - 3 p.m. thru 7 p.m.; daily: Gate Access Tag distribution at the Mesa Grande Clubhouse. 
  • December 17, 2022 - 9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Breakfast with Santa at the Mesa Grande Clubhouse Santa arrives at 10:00 a.m.
Reminder:  Our community website was developed to serve as an informative resource for both our neighborhood and our local community. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions.
July 19, 2022 Open Board Meeting Review
Posted on Sep 4th, 2022
Following is an overview of action taken by the Board during the July 19, 2022 meeting.  Note:    This is not the official meeting minutes but meant to keep the members informed of activity of the Board and Management Company.  Meeting minutes are posted in accordance to state law.   

I.     Quorum reached; Board members present: Cecil Acton, Chris Cross, Richard Hunter, and Todd Ramsay.  Also present: Carmen Higgins with Lifetime HOA Management and several homeowner members.   Meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m.

II.    The Meeting Minutes from the April 4, 2022 Board of Directors meeting were approved unanimously by the Board, as written.

III.   The Board discussed filling the existing vacancy on the Board using the method previously used by selecting the person with the next most votes in the last election.  Because the next candidates were tied in votes a motion was made and seconded to wait until the 2022 members meeting for the position to be filled.  The motion carried; and the members will now vote for two positions.

IV.   The Board discussed selecting the Officers and Directors as needed because of the resignation of the acting President.  Unanimously the Board selected for President, Richard Hunter; Vice President, Todd Ramsay; Secretary, Cecil Acton and Treasurer, Chris Cost.  

V.    The Board members signed the Board of Directors Code of Conduct.

VI.   A statement of the President was made by Richard and he thanked the Board for their trust.  He committed to frequent communication to the members, assurance the Board would not exist in a bubble and to would work diligently to bring projects to closure more quickly.  

VII.  Carmen presented the community managers report covering DCCR violations resulting from routine inspections.  For the period from 4/4/2022 to 7/19/2022:  Total Violations: 178; Total Re-inspections: 168; Total Closed: 158, and Total Actions: 378.

Discussion was held regarding balancing the affects of the drought and water restrictions and the need to still enforce the rules of the community in regards to landscaping.  

VIII.   Chris Cost presented the Treasurers report and advised expenditures through May were trending in line with the budget with limited impact by inflation, thus far.  Collections were pacing slightly better than 2021 and delinquencies year over year were lower.

IX.   Stephanie Dullea presented the ARC Committee report.  For the period 4/4/2022 to 7/19/2022: Total Plans Accepted: 35; Total Plans Rejected: 7; Total Plans Approved: 24; and Total Plans Denied: 10. 

Stephanie introduced the two newest of the three newest members of the committee advising the committee now has added one permanent member and two alternates.  She announced that Mr. Bert Denson had stepped down as a member of the ARC.  

The Board of Directors want to thank Mr. Bert Denson for his many years of volunteering with the Mesa Grande HOA; most recently as chairman of the Architectural Review Committee.   Bert brought a certain professionalism to his work with the committee and with the homeowners with their home projects.  

X.   There was nothing submitted for the Stone Oak Neighborhood Representative Report.

XI.   New business items were discussed by the Board and votes were taken on the following items as noted below:

A. Gate design.  The board reviewed photos of gates as submitted by Board members and chose a top choice and a backup to be sent to the vendor for approval and fabrication.  The ARC in attendance gave preliminary approval and the selections were circulated to the members in attendance.
B. Number of windshield stickers tags to be issued.  The Board discussed how many sticker tags that will be issued to replace key fobs. A motion was made and seconded to issue a minimum of two to every resident and if a resident has more than two key fobs, based on the management companies records, they will be issued an equal number of stickers.  The motion passed unanimously.
C. Proposed inspections of ARC projects.  The Board confirmed that the management company would issue violations when a project violates the DCCR as found during routine inspections.   A motion was made and seconded that in certain cases the Board would request the ARC to inspect projects to verify work is in line with what was approved, as allowed in article 3.4.5 of the DCCR. It was agreed these requests would be rare.  The motion passed unanimously. 
D. Discuss and established 2023 budget process and schedule.  The 2023 budget process will begin after the September 2022 financial statement is available and used as the benchmark;  Chris Cost will lead the budget setting process and provide to the full Board a preliminary budget for discussion and adjustments.  The budget will be approved no later than October 20 and presented at the 2022 members meeting.
E.  Discuss and establish meeting dates and times for the remaining meetings to be scheduled in 2022.   The Board members will provide the President a list of dates they are not available and dates of the meetings will then be selected and scheduled.

XII.    Old business items were discussed by the Board and votes were taken on the following items as noted below:

A.  Gate project.  Prep work began on July 18 and the design is being presented to the vendor on July 20.  
B. Additional lighting.  Required trenching stated July 18 and the installation process will begin shortly.  
C.  Parameter wall repair bids.  The Board decided to wait until after the gates were replaced to begin reviewing bids.  The RFP will specifically state that pricing should be good for at least 60 days to allow adequate time for reviewing, deliberation, and voting.
D.  Issues at Common Areas.  Carmen provided an update on the resolution of items that were identified as short, mid and long term action.  Including: repair of interior gate and fence at pool entry (completed); new sign listing revised pool hours (cost received by vendor and approved by Board); bulletin board at clubhouse needs replacement key allowing current permit and swimming pool waiver to be posted (open); lamp at corner of playground leaning (completed, covered by warranty); several mats on sports court need replaced (open); dead tree at entry on Sable Canyon and in playground (cost approved and open with landscaper) alligator bags were removed; lock on gate behind pool was replaced with a combination lock; potholes in parking lot (bid for $1,024.28 was approved by the Board). 
Other long term projects under review for work after the pool closes include repair and painting of iron fence and guard rails.
E.  Street cracks and repair, sealing.  A revised bid was received, factoring inflation and to be used as a benchmark for budgeting. Additional bids will be requested for review before final votes.  Cecil Acton along with the Community Manager will serve as the point person on the bidding process.
F.  Google fiber.  We don’t have definite dates we are continually in discussion with their representatives.  Prior to the beginning of installation we will meet with the Google project team to discuss timelines, schedules, logistics and the build plan
G. Street parking.  There continues to be a problem with street parking, particularly overnight.  This is a hazard and in some cases could prevent emergency vehicles from access. Street parking is frequently brought to the boards attention and it was decided to begin steps to allow towing when the violation meets the criteria established under the parking resolution.   The Board will meet with a towing provider and legal representation to set in motion the necessary actions to move forward.  
H.  Hidden Canyon.   Discussions in regard to Hidden Canyon were moved to Executive Session.   As appropriate findings will be discussed at the next board meeting.

XIII.  Other business, no other business was brought forward for discussion.

XIV.  Property owner forum.  One homeowner signed up to speak and expressed dissatisfaction that a response to the issue was not received from the Board.  The President apologized on behalf of the board and discussed the issue.. Since the items need greater investigation before a response can be sent, Richard agreed to take ownership and to provide a response as appropriate.  
Opportunity was given to all attendees to ask questions or make comment and none came forward.

XV.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:37 p.m.
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